This is the first ever spotting of the Mojo electric and it can be seen in full flesh.

Mahindra Mojo Electric Spotted
This is the Mahindra Mojo electric

The Mahindra Mojo can’t be really called a good seller in terms of the number it sells. Even though it comes with those ‘Mojo’ eyes, good proportions and dual silencers which sound bassy, the bike hasn’t been performing as well as expected. The company that makes it already has its eyes set on the SUV market which is on the rise. Another market which is on the rise is the electric and the electric era in India will begin by the year 2020. To capture the 2-wheeler electric market, the company might launch the Mahindra Mojo which has been spotted for the first time testing in India.

The Mahindra Mojo electric that has been spotted seems to be a finished product with all the panels properly in place. It had a nice dual-tone, white and red colour which goes very well with its electric nature. The engine covers too look cool. But these are the only changes on the exteriors as it is the mechanicals that receive a major update.

The Mahindra Mojo electric, as the name suggests, is powered by an electric motor. The engine bay now houses the battery which powers the motor. No details about the battery pack or the motor are known yet. As seen from the image, the chain drive has been replaced by a belt drive for smoother power delivery. If this belt drive makes it to the production model, then it will become the first bike in the segment to have it. No transmission is needed as it will have a single-drive gearbox.

No combustion engine means no exhaust gases which means no requirement for exhausts. As much as we loved the bass from the dual exhausts, they have been discarded in favour of weight saving and of course, zero usage. The weight saving, however, is expected to be none as it will be compensated by the heavy battery pack.

The launch timeline is not yet known but 2020 should be the ideal year that the Mahindra Mojo Electric goes on sale in the Indian market. It is still some time away but it is good to see Mahindra already working on such a product. The testing has begun and we hope it doesn’t last as long (five years) as it lasted for the current Mahindra Mojo.

Mahindra Mojo Electric

– The bike has been spotted testing in Bangalore
– It seemed to be a production-ready model
– The power will be sent to the rear wheel via a belt-drive

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