Mahindra Scorpio N Base Variant
The jump seat looks very tiny

Mahindra Scorpio N base variant might feature the usual jump seats, newly spied test mule sports them

Ahead of the launch of the Mahindra Scorpio N on 27th June, a test mule of the SUV has been spied on test and it could, most probably, be the base variant of the D-segment car. Very interestingly, out of nowhere, it sports third row jump seats.

Just over a week back, Mahindra officially unveiled the sophisticated interiors of what could be the top-end variant of the SUV. But, the now-spied interiors are no way comparable to those. This means Mahindra is targeting a wide set of audience for maximum sales.

The jump seat on the test mule looks so tiny that an adult would hardly fit in. The seats also look like they are made of low-grade rexine upholstery. As the jump seats can be easily accessed through the tail gate, Mahindra has also omitted the second-row split setup.

Mahindra Scorpio N Base Variant Middle Row
The second row gets a single piece seat

But, the second row does get a couple of adjustable headrests. Not many changes could be seen on the dashboard and the front seats. The touch-screen infotainment system, the HVAC controls, and the steering controls are visible.

Even on the outside, not many changes could be seen. The SUV sports the LED headlamps and the DRLs. But, Mahindra might strip off the chrome inserts and other minute exterior detailing elements from the car.

The jump seats might also find their way on to certain mid variants as small families don’t require a third row but rather long for more boot space for camping needs. The jump seats look like their are removable which should be a boon for these families.

Mahindra Scorpio N Base Variant Front Row
Not many changes could be seen on the dashboard

On the variants with the third front-facing seats, from what we have seen on test mules, the boot space is hardly available. So, the third row on these variants, is best suited either for passengers or for luggage and not both.

The SUV’s infotainment system and instrument cluster get AdrenoX connected car AI technology from Bosch India to deliver seamless connectivity and enhanced user experience. The various connectivity features of AdrenoX can be accessed on both the mobile app and smart watches.

The manufacturer says, the latest Scorpio has got the best-in-class command seating and the SUV will carry forward the legacy of the existing Scorpio which is known for offering a commanding view of the road.

Mahindra Scorpio N Base Variant Exterior
Even the exterior elements remain the same

The tall seating enables drivers to notice the what’s ahead in detail and could even help prevent accidents. At least emotionally such a seating position will provide a sense of safety for both the driver and the passengers.

Mahindra has already claimed that the upcoming Scorpio will make even the crash dummy feel safe which means the manufacturer is aiming for 5 stars in the Global NCAP crash tests.

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