Mahindra Scorpio N Legroom Front Seats
The leather seats get a nice texture and feel

Mahindra Scorpio N legroom is ample in the last row but cushioning isn’t up to the mark

Ahead of the launch of the Mahindra Scorpio N, its seats and legroom have been revealed in full in a latest set of spyshots online. It’s quite a mixed bag when it comes to the upcoming Scorpio’s creature comfort areas.

Earlier, we told you that the Scorpio N nearly lacks a proper boot space. Now the agony continues with the seats too. But, first let us explain the positives. The seats have been spied on what could, most probably, be a mid variant.

The front captain seats are, indeed, a class apart. They have massively thick cushions with huge side bolstering and under-thigh support for safe and tireless long hauls. The seat covers finished in pale brown look like they are made of genuine leather with an amazing texture and feel.

Mahindra Scorpio N Legroom Middle
The middle row legroom looks ample with rear AC vents

Though they lack modern bits like coloured stitching and quilted patterns, the presence of adjustable headrests on all the rows is a big thumbs up. The front seats have magazine holders at the back which, again, is a nice touch.

The driver seat has a dedicated arm rest with storage. It also doubles up as the housing for the rear AC vents. There seems to be a mobile charging port near the rear AC vents. Surprisingly, there’s enough legroom at the third row.

Coming to the negatives, in the spied car, the front seats seem to have been pushed to the extreme front. With such a setup, there is good legroom at the middle.

Mahindra Scorpio N Legroom Rear
The last row seats too have enough space with dedicated headrests

But, with the front seats back in their standard position, the legroom would likely be just about average which is a big downer for a D-segment SUV.

While the front captain seats are amazing, the same couldn’t be said for the middle and last row seats. First, they lack proper cushioning. From the spied pictures, the seat cushions look very thin and unless they are quite hard, they could end up getting flattened in the long run.

The middle and last row seats look like they are placed very low. The 6-footers are likely to face huge problems keeping their legs in place with such a setup. But, the height could be sufficient for others.

Mahindra Scorpio N Legroom Steering
The captain seats have good side bolstering

The low placement of seats have liberated huge headroom though with the SUV having 1 of the class-leading headroom area. It would be a big boon for children as they have enough space to play around with during the journey.

While there seems to adequate under-thigh support, last row isn’t a proper 3-seater with a huge hump in-between.

The presence of a fixed headrest on the middle-row folding seat looks odd. While there isn’t any other option, Mahindra could have worked out new folding methodologies so that the adjustable headrest was retained.

Mahindra Scorpio N Legroom Sunroof
The small sunroof is placed above the front seats

The SUV gets a small sunroof which could be an electric retract unit. It would have been better if Mahindra offered a panoramic sunroof.

At least, the spied variant is best reserved for small families as the middle and last row seats don’t look like they are comfortable for long hauls. The near zero boot space is also a proof of that.

But, our opinions might change with the top variants when we are yet to have a complete glimpse of their interiors. The amazing captain seats are featured on the middle row as well in the top variants.

The Mahindra Scorpio-N will be launched on 27th June.

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