Mahindra launched the new mighty muscular Scorpio successfully. The Scorpio has always been aggressive in its looks and  Scorpio’s dominance on Indian roads is a well known story. But this time around, there’s a surprise in store for everyone, as this bully has a soft corner.

The revolutionary new Micro Hybrid technology makes Mahindra’s Scorpio really gentle. On the environment that is. This technology allows it to intelligently switch off the engine when not required. Thus going into standby mode after few seconds of engine idling, ready to spring back to life the moment it’s needed again. This ensures you burn less fuel and reduce emissions. Providing much needed relief to the environment, our lungs and our wallets too.

In a nutshell, the Micro Hybrid technology : –

• Switches off the engine when the Scorpio idles for a preset duration (*2 seconds in Scorpio VLX, 5 seconds in Scorpio M2Di)
• Switches the engine back on, the instant your leg depresses the clutch pedal
• Burns less fuel, thus reducing pollution and helping to conserve the environment

Mahindra deserve credit for taking the lead in implementing Micro Hybrid technology, an innovative and affordable step towards sustainability. We’re sure many will follow in the footsteps of this first Micro Hybrid car in the country.