Mahindra Off-road Academy

India’s largest SUV manufacturer, Mahindra, has announced that they will launch a special academy for off-road enthusiasts. They will call it the Mahindra Adventure Off-Road Training Academy. They have announced on the social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, about this academy. They first conducted a survey on Facebook about whether their fans wanted them to start a training course like this and with more than 90 percent positive answers, the Academy has been confirmed by Mahindra.

Mahindra will include many courses in this new Off-Road Training Academy which will help aspiring off-roaders to gather basic skills required for off-roading. The course will include an advanced 4-wheel drive theory course, recovery techniques and many such courses. There will be a course for learning skills of handling all the off-road equipment. Mahindra will also conduct a Trail Survivor Course which will help trainees acquire survival skills and prepare for life in the adventurous jungle and harsh natural environment.

Mahindra has not exactly given any details, as of now, about the Academy, but are giving small bits of information to keep up the excitement of the followers. All the details will be announced by Mahindra shortly. With an increasing interest in India for adventure sports and off-roading gaining quite a strong following, this course will be very well received by the enthusiasts. Being a dangerous and technical sport with some risk involved, proper training will ensure not only safety for off-roaders but also the skill to thoroughly enjoy the sport and take on tougher and more adventurous terrain.

Mahindra Off-road Academy Scorpio

Mahindra Off-road Academy Thar