2014 Mahindra Verito EV

Mahindra has been a front runner in bringing modern technologies to Indian shores. The company had been working on electric cars ever since the acquisition of Reva and have finally launched its second offering after the e2o; the Verito Electric at the 2014 Auto expo in Delhi today. The Verito Electric was first showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo and Mahindra had promised us in a press release last year that the electric car would be launched within this fiscal.

We were the first to report that the car was ready for launch at the Auto Expo after it was spied testing on the outskirts of Bangalore, where it is being developed by Reva. Mahindra has invested a total of Rs. 150 crores on developing the Verito Electric along with the electric versions of the Maxximo and the Gio commercial vehicles.

The Verito Electric is based on the Verito sedan and has received the same visual treatment as other petrol and diesel Verito’s. It misses out on the exhaust pipe and has a prominent Automatic and Electric badge on the boot lid. The head lamps and tail lamps cluster have also been updated on the electric version. The Verito Electric gets ‘Powered by Reva’ badge on the side fenders. The fuel lid is replaced with a charging point and can be connected to a home electric unit for charging.

The Mahindra Verito Electric is powered by a 29 KW (39 BHP) AC Motor, which is capable of providing 100 kms of range. The four-door electric sedan is powered by lithium-ion batteries and a full charge comes up in 6 hours, while a quick charge takes 1.5 hours. The top speed on the Verito Electric is 86 km/hr and with no noise or emissions, the car offers an eco-friendly powertrain. In realistic conditions with a heavy foot on the accelerator, constant use of the air-con, bumper to bumper traffic, using the audio system; you can still do a range of 80 – 85 kms in a single charge.

Mahindra has managed to keep the interiors as normal as possible that doesn’t feel much different from a regular Verito. However there are no vibrations and the distinct engine clatter is replaced with a mild spooling noise of the electric motor. The manual gearbox is replaced with an automatic unit very similar to the one on the e2o, whereas the instrument cluster is completely digital. Mahindra also offers a mobile app that will give you the amount of charge remaining in your car and the number of kilometres you can clock.

The Verito Electric is also India’s first completely electric sedan and is positioned above the diesel Verito in terms of pricing. With practically nil subsidies as of now on electric vehicles, the car comes in at an expensive Rs. 9 lakhs (ex-showroom). Frankly the car makes a lot of sense for those who drive primarily in the city or want a cost efficient second car in the family. Mahindra plans to work on the batteries to provide a longer range on a single charge apart from reducing its costs.

2014 Mahindra Verito Electric

2014 Mahindra Verito EV India

2014 Mahindra Verito EV Showcase

2014 Mahindra Verito Electric Vehicle

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