2012 Mahindra W201

The upcoming 2012 Mahindra W201 was spotted on the Mumbai-Pune highway. The clear front shot shows the rather strong headlight beam. The car looks bulky and heavy and would be powered by the 2.2 liter mHawk motor, which does duty in the Scorpio as well. The Mahindra logo is clearly visible on the grille, behind the camouflage. Small LED lights are present right below the headlamps, which could be day time running lights (DRL). This seems to be a clear control plus C and control plus V job from Audi vehicles. The wipers don’t seem to be of the twin blade type and the world SUV features hood scoops for better cooling as well. Expected to be launched by October, 2011, the W201 will be priced at Rs. 14 lakhs for the base variant. The world SUV would be available in front-wheel drive configuration initially with the 4-wheel drive version coming along later in 2012. 

2012 Mahindra W201 Interior

The interiors of the W201 reveal a beige and black/brown treatment. Quality does not seem upto the mark but then the car is still under testing. The center console houses a screen, which could display various information such as radio channel and fuel efficiency (something similar to the Xylo). The knobs looks decent but the chrome near the instrument cluster looks too flashy. If Mahindra plans to launch the world SUV with such color combination, than they definitely have got it wrong. Too many colours on a premium car looks out of place, specially when you consider the W201 to become the new Mahindra flagship.

Source – Mahindra W201 FB Fan Page and Team-BHP