Mahindra has claimed to have undertaken the development of what it believes will be the world’s most affordable SUV through the Mahindra Electric unit, previously known as Mahindra Reva.

2016 Mahindra e2o Sport Side
The Reva e2o was the first electric car to roll out from the Mahindra stable

Mahindra is working on an electric compact SUV which has been codenamed S107. This is the company’s next major undertaking after the Verito electric version. The idea is to amalgamate expertise of Mahindra’s strength in SUVs and Reva’s expertise in electric cars.

A key figure from Mahindra claimed that the company was preparing with vigour to bring forth a disruptive future to the world of mobility. He said that the electric cars were a key element in this and that while the Verito Electric took care of the practical aspect for buyers, the SUV will revolve around the driving experience of potential buyers.

Adding further, he told that Mahindra intends to be profitable participants to the rising segment. Another key official claimed that Mahindra is considering the electrification of their KUV100 model, but it is yet to be decided. The addition of more SUVs and commercial vehicles to the electric vehicle portfolio is in the offing.

One of their chief rivals, Ford, has also began considering a similar revision of their EcoSport that will be due by the end of this decade. Mahindra is also identifying the possibility for a CNG version of the KUV100. Key officials claim that Mahindra expects a very reasonable sales of 6000 units each for the electric and CNG variants.

The company views this move as a fresh move to stimulate Mahindra Electric which is focusing on foreign markets and
fleet operators with a view to build scale and become feasible. Meanwhile, Tata, Maruti and Mahindra have joined hands to develop components for hybrid and electric cars with a view to make them affordable and accessible (Ford recently left this consortium). The future of cars is going electric. To what an extent, will our roads absorb the same remains to be seen.

Most Affordable Electric SUV

– Mahindra contemplating of building the world’s most affordable electric SUV
– The company to produce the same through the Mahindra Electric wing
– The KUV100 is being contemplated for the electrification plan
– Maruti, Tata and Mahindra are coming together to develop components for electric and hybrid cars
– The collaboration is to make the cars affordable and accessible

Mahindra KUV100 Accessories
The Mahindra KUV100 is being considered for an electric platform

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