Maruti Ertiga Petrol Long Term Review
Though Maruti has ditched the diesels, the petrol Ertiga is still a fantastic MPV

Maruti Ertiga Long Term Review

Spacious & practical cabin coupled with an easy to drive nature & stellar ride quality make the Ertiga the perfect family car

Looking back at the last decade, only a handful of long term cars I have had were powered by a petrol engine. Diesel domination was at its peak as we entered 2011 and since then diesel cars had a great run, well almost till the Government deregulated the prices of diesel. I totally love the way diesels drive, especially with the peak torque spooling up at lower RPMs. However, BS6 norms have sealed the fate of most diesel cars in India. Now as the world moves towards petrol again, we were happy to welcome the Ertiga petrol in our long term garage.

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Ertiga’s value-for-money aspect has given it an edge over the competition

The Ertiga is a very practical car which makes it mandatory for me to take possession of its keys (as I vouch for practicality over anything else). The second-generation Ertiga has been a big step forward over its predecessor and some people have even speculated that it may fill into the Innova’s shoes. That, however, is not the case. The Innova has been untouchable and the Ertiga certainly does not compete with it. What it does, however, is seat the same amount of people in relative comfort at one-third the price and personally, I am quite fond of it.

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Clever use of space allows maximum room for passengers & their luggage

The biggest highlight for me was the practicality and the space it offered and I managed to utilise it to the maximum. With two car seats fixed in the second row (for the kids), there was abundant space for the passengers and luggage. The ISOFIX Child Seat mounts are a standard feature now making it a lot safer for the children. We set out for our camping trip towards Kolad. The road leading to Kolad is a well-surfaced highway for two-third of the way, while the last one-third is a very patchy & broken road which would put the suspension through a tough test. Ride quality is pretty good although the rear suspension tends to bounce a bit when you tend to go fast over some bad patches on the road.