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Light clutch and good high speed stability makes it ideal for road trips

The SmartPlay infotainment system is quite intuitive and easy to use. Android Auto came in handy as we mapped the location of our destination. The interior layout is pleasing to the eye and most importantly, the Ertiga is so easy to drive. The clutch is light, the steering feels centred and the car feels well planted. Handling isn’t that great but it works well for the average buyer whose requirement for a practical MPV supersedes the minor compromise in the handling. Though we didn’t encounter any hiccups out on the highway or on the bad roads, the fact is that the steering is not the culprit, it is the tyres which run out of grip on heavy braking and hard cornering, maybe I am just being too ambitious here.

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K15 motor offers punchy performance while also being extremely refined

Maruti’s SmartHybrid technology is not a gimmick and actually improves the fuel economy of the Ertiga by 13%

The K15 motor is a gem and it performs brilliantly too. I have recently been driving another 1.5-litre petrol car from another brand but there is nothing out there which remotely comes close to Maruti’s engine, be it performance or fuel economy. Just to check if the SmartHybrid system really works or is just another marketing gimmick, I tried an experiment. I fuelled up the car to the brim, switched off the SmartHybrid for the full driving cycle on the same tank of fuel and the Ertiga returned 11.5 km/l. Tried the same with the SmartHybrid on and in a similar driving cycle, the car returned 13 km/l suggestive that this system has some practical implications.

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The cabin has a very pleasant air to it

As I see it, cabin space is the biggest USP for the Ertiga. The last row is the main talking point here as this is where the space crunch is really felt in 3-row cars. Thanks to the large travel range of the middle row, legroom in the last row was adjusted to seat a 6-footer and there was no complaint from this person even after a 4-hour long journey. There are plenty of storage areas in the cabin which offer tons of practicality as the boot space is compromised when the last row seats are upright. The Ertiga continues to be the preferred tracking car for our shoots due to its large windows and superb space in the boot (with the rear seats folded) enabling us to carry large amounts of equipment without much trouble.

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Maruti will soon unveil the Ertiga with a BS6-compliant diesel engine

What’s Cool

* Spacious and practical cabin
* Frugal and punchy petrol engine
* Superb ride quality
* Maruti’s excellent service network and resale value

What’s Not So Cool

* Rear suspension is a bit bouncy
* Diesel engine isn’t offered anymore

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Maruti family having a small meetup before the lockdown was announced

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