Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e Concept 5
The new hybrid vehicle from Maruti is likely to be an SUV coupe

Maruti Suzuki is currently developing a new strong hybrid compact SUV

Maruti is preparing to introduce a new hybrid compact SUV by mid-2022. We believe it is likely to be their new SUV coupe which is codenamed as YTB. This will be a strong hybrid vehicle unlike the current mild-hybrid tech which just assists the engine’s idle start-stop and torque assist functions.

Maruti Suzuki and Toyota recently showcased strong hybrid vehicles tech in a Vibrant Gujarat Summit event. The former will showcase its battery manufacturing capabilities in an event soon.

India’s largest carmaker is working on a green mobility road map that will include electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, CNG and strong hybrid vehicles.

The Japanese carmaker recently announced that they won’t launch an electric vehicle before 2025. However, Maruti is urging state and central governments to reduce GST on hybrids to bring it in line with EVs.

Maruti Hybrid Compact SUV
Maruti’s hybrid compact SUV will be positioned above the Vitara Brezza

The company has no plans to bring back diesel engines to their lineup and is currently focussing only on petrol and CNG powertrains.

The new hybrid SUV will be positioned above the Maruti Vitara Brezza and is likely to be retailed via the premium Nexa dealership network since it will be their first fully hybrid premium vehicle in the country.