To improve customer experience, Maruti has introduced NEXA Service workshops.

Maruti Suzuki Nexa Service Workshop
First NEXA workshop opens in Gurugram

Back in 2015, Maruti Suzuki introduced the concept of NEXA dealerships in our market. The S-Cross was the first product to be sold through NEXA outlets. Following the launch of the Baleno, the concept of NEXA dealerships caught up and can be safely termed as successful in the Indian market. Eventually, special service arrangement was made for NEXA customers in regular service centres in the form of dedicated service bays. Many NEXA customers cited the lack of dedicated NEXA service stations as a negative in the otherwise good experience.

Maruti Suzuki has announced the launch of NEXA service stations which feature technological advancements, paperless processes and special service arrangements. The first NEXA service station has been inaugurated at Gurugram. By year end, the company aims to launch 60 to 70 workshops across the country. A target of 300 functional workshops has been set for the year 2020. Both NEXA and non-NEXA cars can be serviced at NEXA service stations.

NEXA service stations carry forward the monochromatic theme from NEXA dealerships and will be loaded with advanced diagnostic bays and a premium customer lounge. For a smooth experience, the entire process from booking service appointment to the delivery of serviced car has been well planned. It includes booking of service appointment via the NEXA app, driving to designated service bays and interaction with dedicated service managers. At the job card opening bays, service managers are equipped with a tablet to explain the jobs required on the car. The customers will be escorted to a premium waiting lounge where they will be able to view their car being serviced on the shop floor.

At the waiting lounge, customers are also provided with an option to watch live video of their car being attended to. In addition to this, NEXA service uses advanced diagnostic bays which can monitor a car’s condition based on various parameters and prepare a digital health card. The process has been largely kept paperless to make it efficient and hassle-free for customers. Improving customer satisfaction has been the prime objective of NEXA dealerships in the first place and NEXA Service surely takes things to the next level.

Maruti NEXA Service

– Maruti Suzuki launches NEXA Service for a premium service experience
– First workshop opens in Gurugram, target of 300 outlets by 2020
– Workshops offer advanced service and diagnostic bays
– NEXA, as well as non-NEXA cars, can be serviced at NEXA workshops

Maruti Suzuki Nexa Service Reception
NEXA service workshops carry forward the monochromatic theme from NEXA dealerships
Maruti Suzuki Nexa Service Lounge
Premium waiting lounge has LED screens with an option to view live video of the car being serviced
Maruti Suzuki Opens Nexa Service
Advanced diagnostic bays can monitor cars and prepare health cards
Maruti NEXA Service Features
Customers get a dedicated parking slot for thorough checkup
Maruti NEXA Service Reception
All the operations done at NEXA Service centres are paperless
Maruti NEXA Service Lounge
You can keep an eye on your car from the NEXA lounge
Maruti NEXA Service Customer Lounge
You get pampered in the state of the art lounge facility
Maruti NEXA Service Equipment
NEXA Service centres are well equipped to save time
Maruti NEXA Service Oil Storage
They have a systematised oil storage area for efficient operations
Maruti NEXA Service Centre
NEXA Service centres are clean and green having advanced tech
Maruti NEXA Service Shop
NEXA comes with hi-tech bays to reduce maximum time of service
Maruti NEXA Service Testing
They have suspension, acceleration, brakes checking machinery
Maruti NEXA Service Washing
To save water they do waterless washing of cars