There are plenty of reasons to like the S-Cross petrol

There are many reasons to buy the recently launched Maruti S-Cross Petrol since the car comes at a cost similar to that of other compact SUVs, but is actually larger and thus offering more for less, so to speak.

Launched with a price tag of Rs. 8.39 lakhs, the top variant of the car costs Rs. 4 lakhs more at Rs. 12.39 lakhs (all prices ex-showroom), which is very compelling indeed. But the car does not come devoid of its flaws and thus we list out what is good and what is not, to help people make up their mind about it.

Maruti S-Cross Petrol 4 Reasons To Buy

Space – For a car that competes in the compact SUV class, the S-Cross is bigger, measuring 4.3 metres in length and 2.6 metres between the wheels, with the latter 10 cm more than the Vitara Brezza. This translates into more space inside and being a crossover, makes it that much more usable, which is good.

Engine – Maruti does not do bad petrol engines and the 1.5-litre unit surely makes it to the Maruti S-Cross petrol reasons to buy list. The engine might not be a screamer, but then the S-Cross is not a sporty car. It is a crossover that is meant to carry five in comfort and be able to do the odd utility run. With hybrid assist, it even feels punchy at the lower-end of the rev range, despite being a naturally aspirated unit.

Maruti service network – For many, this one point seals the deal and they are not to be blamed. The brand’s expansive service network is second to none and even second-placed Hyundai has not been able to catch up so far. Offering customers peace of mind is important and Maruti knows that well.

Price – As mentioned above, the S-Cross petrol offers more for less. In all, there are seven variants – four MT and three AT and they are priced well. Our pick would be the Zeta MT at Rs. 9.95 lakhs, since it offers almost everything a normal car user would need for a very good price. Of course, the entry-level car at Rs. 8.39 lakhs (both prices ex-showroom), though a bit sparsely equipped, is good value too.

4 Reasons Not To Buy

4-speed AT – This the age of DCTs and top-spec auto gearboxes and offering a 4-speed AT, that too for a car that costs close to Rs. 11 lakhs (ex-showroom) for the base automatic variant is a downer. This looks even bigger of a negative fact when one considers what Hyundai and Kia offer with their compact SUVs. Maruti needs to work on that.

No diesel – Maruti Suzuki S-Cross petrol reasons to buy listed above would be completely overlooked by those who want a good diesel engine on a small SUV or crossover. Although very potent in its own right, for some, it is the diesel that would do. But Maruti listens to its customers and if they demand a diesel, we are sure they will be provided one.

Missing features – The introduction of the S-Cross in petrol trim saw the car lose out on some features. The base Sigma trim does not get telescopic steering, height adjustable driver seat, auto AC, armrests (front and rear), steering mounted-controls, etc. Also rear AC vents, 3-point seatbelt for rear middle passenger, sunroof, option to specify more airbags for added safety are all sorely missing.

Vague steering – If there is one thing we did not like about the crossover when we drove it, it was the steering. The feedback from the rack was not that great and it did not provide much feel either. Yes, we know it is no Porsche 911, but these things matter as they provide the driver with confidence and in our roads, that confidence matters a lot.

Cost-wise, the car is hard to beat, but it does come with its own set of flaws