With 1800 outlets across 1450 cities in India, Maruti Suzuki leads the largest dealership network list count up and crushes many prominent automobile giants like Mahindra, Hyundai, Honda, Tata, Toyota and Ford.

Maruti Suzuki NEXA Showroom
Maruti Suzuki has added 127 NEXA showrooms till March 2016

Maruti Suzuki has always been the first choice for those looking for a budget car for their family. Expanding its dealership network into the deep roots of the country, Maruti Suzuki easily has the largest dealership network across the nation. The total count of Maruti Suzuki’s dealerships even exceeds the summation of major auto makers in the country.

At present, Maruti Suzuki has established a vast network of 1800 outlets across 1450 cities in India. The company has expansion plans for the near future also. It is looking forward to add around 325 outlets in the current fiscal year. Till March 2016, Maruti has added 201 outlets and another 127 NEXA showrooms in its network list.

The company has aggressive plans to expand its network. Maruti Suzuki may add around 125 outlets to the NEXA network and another 200 showrooms across the country. Moreover, its 3100 service workshops have made Maruti reach even to the rural pockets which has significantly helped the automaker to keep its leadership position in the market.

Currently, Maruti Suzuki tops the list with 46.7% share in the automobile market. Its 1800 outlets and 3100 service workshops provide the network advantage to the company’s high-end market share figures. Next on the list, is Hyundai with a market share of 17.38% having 512 outlets in 276 cities. Mahindra with a market share of 8.27% and 291 outlets in 212 cities is at 3rd position. It is then followed by Honda at number 4 with a market share of 6.88% having 265 outlets in 170 cities.

Among the low performers on the list, Tata Motors is at number 5 with 311 outlets across 200 cities but having only market share of 5.36%. Toyota and Ford are on 6th and 7th positions with 4.77% and 2.87% market share respectively. Toyota has around 213 outlets in 140 cities while Ford has 376 dealerships across 209 cities.

It’s a worth noting fact that the combined total dealerships of the rest 6 automobile companies are still less in number as compared to Maruti Suzuki’s network figures. Maruti has also the largest dealership network for Suzuki in the global market. The vast distribution and service network has surely helped Maruti to emerge as an automobile leader in our country.

Maruti Showroom Network

– Maruti Suzuki has 1800 dealerships and 3100 service workshops in 1450 cities in India
– Maruti Suzuki has a current market share of 46.7% in India
– Maruti’s dealership network is the largest for Suzuki, globally
– Maruti’s network is larger than that of the network presence of Hyundai, Mahindra, Honda, Tata, Toyota and Ford combined

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