Maruti Suzuki sold a total of 1,08,006 vehicles in September 2010. This includes 12,858 units for export. This is the highest ever Total monthly sales by the company. Previous highest was 1,04,971 units in August 2010. The company had sold a total of 83,306 vehicles in September 2009. September 2010 is also the fourth time that company’s monthly sales crossed 1 lakh mark. With these record numbers, the company crossed half a million sales mark in the first six months of a fiscal. Maruti Suzuki’s volume in the domestic market grew by 32.9%. In the A2 segment, sales grew by 31.3% while in A3 segment sales were 43.2% higher, as compared to sales in September 2009. The sales growth in the C segment was 66.6% over September 2009. The sales growth in B segment was 17.7% over September 2009.