Maruti Suzuki is developing an all new 800cc vehicle, which will co-exist with the Alto. The company is utilizing its home grown R&D efforts for the construction of this new model. However this will be the first time for Maruti Suzuki engineers to make a model from ground up. The Indian engineers have pitched in their efforts for the development of the Swift and Ritz which was undertaken by Suzuki, Japan. The new 800cc car will help Maruti follow a two-model strategy at the entry level of the market, where it only has the Alto competing. The Alto sends close to 30000 units every month, being Maruti Suzuki’s best seller in current times.

“This will be an all-new car, though based on an existing platform. The idea is to do it in-house at Maruti, with minimal support from our Japanese parent, Suzuki. The idea behind the model is to constantly introduce new models while also developing the company’s R&D capability to develop, design and engineer a model on its own,” IV Rao, Managing Executive Officer (engineering), Maruti Suzuki, said.