Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara’s new teaser

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara AllGrip AWD variant gets terrain-specific drive modes – Auto, Sport, Snow, and Lock

Ahead of its global unveil on 20th July, Maruti Suzuki has teased the AllGrip all-wheel-drive (AWD) variant of the Grand Vitara mid-size SUV. This particular variant sports terrain-specific drive modes like the Scorpio N’s AWD variants.

Called AllGrip Select, this electronically controlled 4-wheel-drive system with an automatic transmission uses a simple turn dial switch between modes so that the driver can experience different driving styles depending on the road surfaces.

The modes on offer include Auto, Sport, Snow, and Lock. In the Auto mode, the engine powers only the front wheels.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara AllGrip Drive Modes
There are 4 drives modes on offer

In the Sport mode, there’s maximum traction to all the wheels suitable for winding roads during hills drives. It pushes high torque even from low throttle inputs.

The other 2 modes are suitable for extreme off-roading where calculated channeling of power to individual wheels in required. Interestingly, this system is a direct lift from the outgoing international Grand Vitara and S-Cross.

Ahead of the unveil, the trims of the SUV have been revealed as well. They include the normal IC only trim and the unique hybrid trim named ‘Intelligent Electric Hybrid’.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara AllGrip Front
The headlamps seem to be circular LED projector units

This is quite similar to Toyota Urban Cruiser’s 2 trims – Neo Drive for the IC variants and Hybrid for the hybrid variants.

Maruti Suzuki has used the word ‘intelligent’ as the hybrid system can be made to work automatically or drivers can also force the car to run on pure electric power.

Toyota is offering 4 variants for the Neo Drive and 3 variants for the Hybrid on the Urban Cruiser Hyryder. Expect a similar variant lineup for the Grand Vitara as well. One of the non-hybrid variants will sport this Suzuki AllGrip Select all-wheel-drive system.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara AllGrip
The front grille gets a chrome bezel

Bookings for the SUV are already open for a token amount of Rs. 11,000/- at all Nexa dealerships. The car will be exclusively sold through Nexa channels. It seems like Maruti Suzuki is planning to undercut Hyundai Creta at least by a lakh Rupees.

Buyers can also book online by logging on to Deliveries are likely to commence from August or September.