Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-Door Spied
It will even come with the same wheels as the 3-door Jimny

The spied 5-door Maruti Jimny does look ready to enter mass production

The Maruti Jimny 5-door has been spied courtesy of Google Street View and boy does it look production-ready even though its official debut is likely to happen in 2022.

Thus far, only a few renderings of the car surfaced online, while its specifications got leaked as well, which should have irked the Japanese carmaker’s engineers and the management.

Now, this undisguised test mule reveals the design of the vehicle in full. Well, it is not like it was a secret either, for the whole world had a fairly good idea as to how this extended Jimny will look like.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-Door Rendering
These renderings have got the design slightly wrong

To our eyes, it looks like Suzuki has cut the 3-door Jimny into 2 pieces, one having the front doors and the other with the rear quarter glass, extended the wheelbase and plonked in a couple of narrow doors in between.

The blacked roof is as straight as a plank, while the compact off-roader also comes with body-coloured wheel arch cladding. However, the car’s bumpers still come in black.

Leaked specs have revealed that the vehicle will be 3850 mm long with a wheelbase of 2550 mm. But the recently spied Maruti Jimny 5-door somehow looks longer. We could be mistaken though.

The off-roader should have decent leg room for second row occupants and a reasonable boot, unlike the 3-door model.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-Door Rendering Rear
It should be more spacious than its smaller sibling

It is also clear that the overall height of the 3-door and 5-door Jimnys will stay the same at 1730 mm, while the overall width (1645 mm) and 210 mm ground clearance will also remain unaltered.

Since the 5-door Jimny will be heavier (by about 100 kg at 1190 kg), it is expected to come with a turbocharged petrol engine with mild-hybrid assist. Could it be a detuned version of the Swift Sport’s powertrain, we wonder!

Well, what is known for sure is that the car will be manufactured only in India and it will go on sale here, most likely through Maruti’s Nexa outlets.