For those who have booked the new Maruti Swift and waiting for it with bated breath, there is some bad news for you. India’s largest car manufacturer has made it mandatory for workers to sign a ‘good conduct bond’ before entering the factory. This has been undertaken as there were serious production and quality issues at the plant last week. The company has used heavy security this morning to commence this exercise. Maruti Suzuki has halted production which will lead to increase in the waiting period for the Swift, which already commands a four month waiting.

“The company is asking its workers to sign a good conduct bond before entering the factory. Whosoever does not sign, will not be allowed to get inside the factory premises and work, and hence would be deemed to be on strike.” “On August 24, 1,230 cars were planned to be produced, but only 437 were assembled. Out of which, just 96 cars could pass quality check,” sources said.

New Swift ZXi ABS