Maruti turns to railway network to finish its back orders and deliver products on time to its customer who tend to run away after seeing long waiting periods.

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In a different approach this time, Maruti has started shipping its car via the railway network instead of the usual road network. This move is because the competition is getting stiffer and waiting time means other manufacturers take the advantage who have vehicles ready to deliver off the shelf or have less waiting period for their cars. Most back orders as we know are for their most popular hatchback Swift and Alto that are segment leading products since the moment they were introduced in the market years ago.

The move also saves time by two days which means that road network took seven days and rail network will take five days. Maruti says the amount of cars being transported is also higher than the amount of cars that were being transported by roads. Railway some how seems to be very money efficient for Maruti, a manufacturer which makes fuel efficient cars. Railway network is less prone to accident as well when compared to trucks that ply on our unsafe highways of India. This move comes in help with the state owned railway company in Gurgaon which will transport their cars to Bangalore, that is 1700 kms away.

Meanwhile, Suzuki also plans to make its factory greener because of environmental issues and aims to reduce CO2 emissions from factory much more than before with the help of solar panels which are being installed in their factory. Maruti Suzuki is the leader in our country with more than 40 percent stake in the market and wants to regain or maintain the share which it has lost over the years and plans to get offensive as it readies more than five product launches in the year 2015.

Maruti Suzuki Railway Transport
Efficient cars get efficiently transported by Maruti Suzuki India