The recall involves 382 units of the Audi Q7 that were manufactured between March and December 2012 and is part of a global recall exercise.

Audi Q7
The defective vacuum line could allow engine oil into the brake system

Audi India has issued a voluntary recall involving 382 units of its flagship SUV, the Q7 over brake system flaw. The recall is part of the German manufacturer’s global recall exercise involving 70,000 units of the A4, A5, A6 and A7 sedans as well as the Q5 and Q7 SUVs. However, only the 3.0-litre TDI version of the Q7 has been affected in India that were manufactured between March and December 2012 and does not include any other petrol or diesel variants of the luxury SUV.

Audi stated that the problem is a defective vacuum line that may allow engine oil to enter the brake system, which can then damage the diaphragm in the brake and affect its efficiency and will affect braking performance on the Q7. However, the company did state that the brakes would still work but with a lot of pressure applied to the pedal. The company dealers have been contacting the affected customers to arrange for an appointment in order to make the repairs accordingly. A technician will inspect the vacuum line with the non-return valve for a possible engine oil leakage and replace the vacuum line in case any leak is found in the line.

Audi India further stated that the entire process is expected to take half an hour and will be carried out free of charge. In addition, the dealers will also check for the brake booster for a possible oil leak and will make the necessary replacement of the affected component. The company started the replacement process from 25th September and so far has fixed 197 units of the affected units. The Audi Q7 is assembled at the company’s facility near Pune via the CKD route.

Audi Q7 India Assembly
197 units of the affected Audi Q7 have already been fixed

Source – Economic Times