At a time when the Indian automobile industry is passing through one of its worst phases, the country’s largest car-maker, Maruti Suzuki India, will celebrate its 25th anniversary and is aiming to be a global player.

“Twenty-five years ago, when we set out on our journey, the objective was to modernise the Indian automotive industry and bring about a change in personal transportation. I can say proudly we have achieved that,” Maruti Suzuki India Chairman R C Bhargava said.

Since the rollout of the first Maruti 800 (M800) from its Gurgaon plant on December 14, 1983, the company has so far sold over 70 lakh cars of 12 models with over 100 variants, with the M800 alone accounting for 27,36,046 units, of which 25,43,132 units were in the domestic market and the rest abroad.