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With the additional safety equipment, the EcoSport is the safest car here

Safety and After Sales Service – The Ford EcoSport AT takes the cake when it comes to safety. While the Nexon and the Vitara Brezza make do with just dual airbags and ABS with EBD, the EcoSport offers 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, EBA, ESC, TCS and Hill Start Assist. In terms of after sales service network, Maruti is way ahead of the competition and that is what could play a vital role in the buying decision of a prospective car buyer. Nonetheless, both Tata and Ford are catching up with the latter emphasizing more on the cheaper costs of maintenance.

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Indian vs American vs Japanese – What would be your pick?

Verdict – If you’re looking for an automatic petrol compact SUV with a limited budget, the Tata Nexon makes more sense as it is a whole lot cheaper than the EcoSport. If budget isn’t a constraint, then eyes closed we’d suggest you get the Ford Ecosport. Coming to the diesel, it’s quite tough to choose a winner as the Nexon seems like a well-packaged product on paper but in real-world conditions, it is the Vitara Brezza that truly shines. The AMT is better tuned and the overall driving dynamics, space, features and Maruti’s reliability factor considered makes the Vitara Brezza a clear winner.

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Dual-tone exterior colour options are offered only in the Nexon and the Vitara Brezza

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