DC fast charging will charge the vehicle to up to 80% in about an hour.

Maruti Suzuki Electric Vehicle
AC charging will take about seven hours to charge to full capacity

Maruti has plans to launch its first electric vehicle (EV) in 2020. The company has 50 units of its Wagon R EV undergoing testing on Indian roads already. The Wagon R EV will support DC fast charging in addition to AC charging but the automaker hasn’t revealed the entire specs of the vehicle yet.

DC fast charging will charge up the Wagon R EV to 80% in just about an hour. Whereas, standard AC charging will take about seven hours for it to be fully charged. The test mules of the Wagon R EV sport two charging ports, one at the front for AC charging and one at the rear for DC charging. The fast charging ability will be a positive point on the Wagon R EV and will increase its usability.

Currently, the test mules of the Maruti Wagon R EV are prototypes and the production-spec would be different. Wagon R EV will be underpinned by Maruti’s HEARTECT platform, with the electric motor on the feature. The production-spec will look pretty similar to the outgoing fossil fuel powered Wagon R.

Maruti Wagon R EV

– Maruti intends to launch its first EV in 2020
– Wagon R EV will get DC charging unit, which takes an hour to charge it up to 80%
– Visually, the production-spec will be different than the prototypes

2017 Suzuki Wagon R
Maruti’s Heartect platform will underpin the Wagon R EV

Source – AutocarIndia.com