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The Mercedes GLC 43 has a couple of minor negatives, but otherwise is quite brilliant

Verdict – Mercedes have made a very good package with the AMG GLC 43 because this sports car feels enjoyable to drive and comes with splendid mechanicals. It offers decent space for 4 passengers and looks quite unique too. The high ground clearance allows to use this car on bad roads as well, which not many sports cars might be able to do. Along with that, the GLC 43 doesn’t have any proper rival and this gives Mercedes another advantage. This can be excellent choice for someone who fancies driving his sportscar on a daily basis, especially on our kind of roads.

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The Coupe body style makes the car stand out immensely

What’s Cool

* Looks really cool and unlike many other SUVs
* Being a Merc, the ergonomics and interiors are well-sorted
* Pleasurable to drive and a well-engineered car
* Offers practicality that not many performance cars can

What’s Not So Cool

* Boot space is very limited with the spare wheel in space


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The GLC 43 is FAST and it can go almost anywhere too

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