Mercedes-AMG GT-R Review
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Mercedes-AMG GT R Review

Car Tested: Mercedes-AMG GT R; Road Test No. 1088; Test Location: Delhi, NCR

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 3,09,72,857/-

With enticing looks & insane performance, the AMG GT R is a proper missile!

AMG – the three letters are enough to evoke a sense of driving thrill amongst the petrol heads. The performance arm of Mercedes has given some true jewels of German engineering and has established itself as the makers of some of the most exciting cars in the world. From the 300 SEL 6.8 of the yesteryears to the gorgeous SLS AMG of the recent times, it’s not difficult to fathom the ever growing fan base. AMG knows a thing or two about creating relatively ordinary cars into something extraordinary. But what happens when they go all out and create a flagship supercar? Can it be the best in the AMG range? Can it offer the sum of all the AMGs? We try to answer those questions with the AMG GT R.

Motor Quest: The AMG GT was the second supercar, after the SLS, to be developed in-house by AMG. Launched in 2014, the car was assisted by none other than the F1 legend Lewis Hamilton in its development. The GT R is the extreme version of the supercar famous for its ultra-fast lap at the Nurburgring race circuit and nicknamed the ‘Beast Of The Green Hell’

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The quad exhausts and carbon fibre spoiler make this Mercedes look sporty

Exteriors – There are no two ways about it, the AMG GT R looks smoking hot, particularly in this Green Hell Magno paint shade. This car has tonnes of attitude and the front, with its gaping grille, sharp headlights, huge three-pointed star and accentuated bumpers, certainly amplify that feeling. The front is very bold and a huge departure from the elegant looks typically associated with Mercedes cars. While it leaves no doubt about the intentions of the car, some people may find it a bit excessive.

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These gorgeous looking alloy wheels get yellow brake callipers

The AMG GT R is an instant attention magnet, especially in this exclusive Green Hell Magno paint job

What is surely excessive is the really long bonnet. While it may feel polarising at first, you get used to it and realise that it gels well with the rest of the design. The side profile is characterised by the flared wheel arches and the air dam with the V8 badging. It is the long bonnet, again, that does the trick making the side profile stand out. There is nothing too dramatic otherwise. Mention must be made of the tastefully designed alloy wheels and the lovely looking yellow brake callipers.

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When viewed head on, the GT R looks super aggressive!

The rear has a fast-back like sloping angle and wide tail lights. The GT R version also gets a big carbon fibre spoiler and a very busy looking exhaust bay. There are air vents on either side of the bumpers and a total of four exhausts including two in the middle. The looks of the AMG GT R are sure to get you noticed. It is an angry looking car which means all business. the design may appear to be too aggressive but that is how a supercar should look in our opinion.