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The cabin feels properly sporty with the layout and the umpteen number of buttons

Interiors – The interior is a standard German fair. The low seating, high centre console, raked windscreen and generous use of Alcantara attributes to the hardcore supercar qualities of the AMG GT R. Yet the essentials haven’t been neglected. The comfort levels are genuinely good and the interior does not feel stripped down. The seats are comfortable and the driving position is spot on. The buttons on the centre console look and feel like they would on any other Mercedes-Benz. The eight circular controls on the centre console look beautifully done. The quality is pretty impressive too.

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The boot is spacious but due to the strut bar, the seats cannot be pushed all the way back

The interior is finished in Alcantara and there is sportiness in every bit

It’s not all roses though. Dig a bit deeper and you will come across with one or two annoyances in the cabin. The seats cannot be adjusted far back as there is a strut bar right behind them. The gear level is a touch too behind, meaning you need time to get used to it. The COMAND infotainment system is an older generation one and you don’t get ambient lighting.

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The centre console looks super cool and buttons feel nice to operate

The low seating along with the high centre console & long bonnet gives the driver a commanding driving position

What stands out in the cabin is the curious looking yellow button-like knob below the AC vents. That is to control your traction control settings and it gets activated once you deactivate the stability control. The knob looks like an afterthought and does not go in sync with the rest of the controls. Yet those are minor flaws and no real compromises in what remains a truly impressive effort by AMG at making the interior that is sporty and yet well finished.

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The instrument cluster is analogue and the infotainment system is also from the previous generation

Space is good and as mentioned the driving position is commendable. We like the well-shaped steering wheel and the orange-dials in the instrument cluster. Though we would have preferred the excellent digital display over the analogue dials with the car of this segment.