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Compared to the GT R, the Roadster is a bit more comfortable and practical

Interiors – Step inside the very low slung interiors and, chances are, you will appreciate what is on offer. The interior is unchanged from the AMG GT coupe. The seating position is absolutely spot-on. It gives you a feeling of being in a formula one car. The high centre tunnel with the important buttons nestled on either side is clever, makes the cabin ergonomic. We found that the seats in the AMG GT Roadster were more comfortable than the ones on the R-spec model. There is a generous use of leather and the quality is all but faultless.

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Apart from the limited headroom, space is nothing to complain about

The commanding driving position coupled with the high centre tunnel gives you a sense of being in a formula one car

In fact, the cabin oozes luxury. You get all the equipment like electric seats, climate control, premium audio amongst others. The interior does not feel pared down and is up there with the likes of the Porsche 911. Space is great but some may find the headroom, courtesy of the fabric roof, to be a little tight. But only the tallest of people are likely to complain.

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The cabin oozes a sense of luxury & quality of materials used are first-rate

The AMG GT Roadster misses out on Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment system and the new steering wheel design because this car came in earlier. Other small complaint we have is the positioning of the gear selector which is a touch too far behind. The instrument cluster looks sexy too and the analog dials combined with the colour MID give it a very nice feel.

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Being an AMG, one can customize their Roadster to their heart’s content

The feature-loaded cabin feels premium, ultra sporty and well put-together

Being an AMG, you can choose between a variety of interior colour and combinations. But all of it is expensive and you could be adding a couple of lakhs to the car’s base price. We like the interior of the AMG-GT Roadster and we think you shouldn’t have a problem even if you plan to drive it every day.