Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Review
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Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Review

Car Tested: Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster; Road Test No. 1174; Test Location: Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 2,59,16,688/-

The Mercedes-AMG GT leaves you spellbound with the dramatic way that it drives in!

Powerful, raw and menacing. These words perfectly sum up our experience with the Mercedes-AMG GT R we drove a few months ago. Finished in green, the car looked bonkers and had the performance to match. It really seemed like no Mercedes could get more exciting. Now though, we have got the convertible version of it. We don’t have the range-topping R version but the open-top is sure to exhilarate. We find out how the roadster version of Mercedes’ hugely entertaining supercar fares.

Motor Quest: AMG, the performance arm of Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to building exotic, driver-focused machines. In 2010, the company unveiled the SLS AMG – a two-door, two-seater sports car that left everyone in awe. The supercar had ‘Gullwing’ doors, a feature that was first seen in the Mercedes Benz 360 SL coupe. In addition to the style, the SLS AMG raised the bar for performance and usability out of a supercar. After a successful run of almost 4 years, Mercedes-AMG replaced their famed SLS with the GT coupe. It was similar in concept but missed the gullwing doors. Mercedes-AMG launched the GT S in India in 2015, followed by the GT Roadster and the GT R.

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The Coupes were already enticing but the Roadster takes it a step further

Exteriors – The Mercedes-AMG GT looks drop-dead-gorgeous and the roadster version only adds to the character of the design. The front looks unhinged with a massive grille and the prominent vertical lines on it. The huge Mercedes logo sits with pride atop it. The edgy headlamps contribute to the muscular feel. What is very striking about the AMG-GT is the long bonnet. The bonnet has neatly done creases and air vents and the sheer length is reminiscent to the old Mercedes coupes.

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The aggressive, mean and low front profile gives the Roadster a bold face

The long bonnet, massive grille, carbon fibre touches and vibrant colours will remind you of the famous SLS AMG

The long bonnet, short cabin and the slightly stubby boot give this car a classic roadster look. The black AMG spoke forged alloy wheels, blackened air vents across the side, carbon fibre finished wing mirrors and the black fabric roof – all of it looks very well done and highlight the car’s sporting credentials. We absolutely love the red colour on our test car. Speaking of, the India-spec model does without three colours. We find that rather absurd considering that the AMG GT Roadster is a CBU and should’ve come with all the paint options.

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With the top down, the AMG GT Roadster simply looks breathtaking

At the rear, you get those long, brilliantly detailed tail lights and the well-integrated active spoiler. We love the exhausts and the fact that the roof takes only 11 seconds to open and close provided you are below 50 km/hr. In all, whether the roof is up or down, the AMG-GT roadster looks quite sexy.