Mercedes Concept EQG Front
Mercedes has produced more than 4 lakh G’s to date, but this is the most radical of the lot

The Mercedes Concept EQG has 4 electric motors, 1 at each wheel

Meet the Mercedes Concept EQG, the near-production version of the upcoming pure-electric G-Glass. This new electric version of its legendary off-roader adopts the styling cues of the G-Class, but gets the latest Mercedes-EQ series design elements as well.

There is a black panel that sits in the place of the conventional radiator grille up front, and it illuminates, revealing the 3-pointed star and several squares (that are not squares).

Mercedes Concept EQG Dashboard
White interior in an off-roader? Hmmm…

The illuminated ‘grille’ in itself has an illuminated surround, which works well with the DRLs of the main headlights and illuminated circles on the ORVMs.

Apart from wearing a set of 22-inch polished aluminium wheels, the EV, which is shown in the gloss aluminium beam and gloss black paint scheme has illuminated stripes too.

What’s more, the Mercedes Concept EQG comes with a roof rack with a ‘G’ in the centre. The rack also has a white LED strip at the front edge and an LED strip in red at the rear end.

Rear Profile
Look at those 22-inch polished aluminium wheels!

Instead of a spare wheel there is a lockable box on the outside which can be used for storage, like keeping the portable charging cable, for instance. Inside, the cabin in the usual affair and nothing seems to have changed.

One other thing that Mercedes did, apart from revealing pictures of the Concept EQG is claim that the EV is an ‘uncompromising off-roader’.

Sporting a ladder frame chassis (into which the battery pack is integrated), the EQG has independent suspension on the front axle and a newly developed rigid rear axle to accommodate the electric drive.

Mercedes Concept EQG
More details about the car will be revealed closer to its launch

There is an electric motor close to each wheel and thus, each wheel is individually controllable, says the German brand. Furthermore, there are reduction gears to aid off-roading as well.