2012 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster side

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on paper is a two-door coupe which has a weirdly long bonnet. But take a practical look and what you will get is a car which has got looks to die for, a beast to power the machine and performance which is ground breaking. This legendary car has been the heart throb of many since its launch and now the SLS is under the spotlight again, reason being Mercedes-Benz is planning to give the car a diesel engine. A few months ago, Mercedes had said there will be no diesel engined AMG but not they seem have re-thought the idea!

Earlier this year, BMW also powered its M line-up with diesel engines. And now rumors have it that the Mercedes Benz will showcase the new diesel powered SLS AMG. The car will be showcased by the German automobile giant in the highly awaited Paris motor show. The new engine will be called AMG SLS CDI. The engine will be a six cylinder with triple turbochargers and capable of producing 400 HP and 1000 Nm. Now, that’s something called ‘devastating’. Performance will be breathe taking like the petrol-engined SLS.

We have also heard that Mercedes-Benz will only introduce a showcase version at the Paris motor show and its production will depend on the kind of response the AMG SLS CDI will get. But one thing is for sure that the diesel powered engines are surely making their way to high performance cars. We would only say that it’s not only the gul wings which make style statement in the SLS AMG but this whole package is a statement itself. Will Mercedes move towards more diesel-engined AMGs in the future? Your guess is as good as mine!

– Kanishk Arora