Mercedes Ener-G-Force

The Ener-G-Force standing on four humongous 20-inch off-road tyres looks like the future of Mercedes G-Class SUV. This concept has been penned by the team from Mercedes Advanced Design Studio in Carlsbad, California. The general design of the car is rugged with an interpretation of modern design language that blends very well with the whole shape. The concept is inspired by the G-Class and we can see the G letter in the name too. The Ener-G-Force looks like a great opportunity to begin with the development of the next G-Class series.

Mercedes-Benz wants to diversify its portfolio of compact niche models and rumors about a possible mini G-Class model coming in around two years have been appearing pretty often lately. The company said they wanted to introduce it as a design study for the future of Mercedes-Benz SUV design language and wanted to see the public reaction. This concept can show a different direction for future additions to the SUV lineup of Mercedes-Benz.

The prestigious design competition for this year’s Los Angeles Motor Show is opening at the end of November and it is asking the designers to come up with a police car of the future or a ‘Highway Patrol Vehicle-2025’. Ener-G-Force is ready to enter the competition with its police patrol version and looks capable of patrolling to the remotest corners of the earth.

The flashing lights are integrated into the roof and the small windows will protect, apparently the forces of the future against external attacks. The Ener-G-Force Concept comes with a hydrogen fuel cell installed and the vehicle can run for up to 800 kms with the only emissions being water. As per today’s SUVs, the torque delivered to individual wheels can vary depending on the surface but, more unusually, a rotating topographical scanner analyses the environmental conditions ahead.

Mercedes Ener-G-Force Front

Mercedes Ener-G-Force Side

Mercedes Ener-G-Force Rear