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Mercedes has given the C300d all the latest safety technologies

Safety – Being a Mercedes, you needn’t worry about the safety in your C300d. The car gets a host of features like 7 Airbags, ESP, traction control, driver fatigue detection system to keep you safe and sound. Unfortunately, the new C misses out on the radar-based safety systems and it is very likely that the C-Class will get it only after the E-Class does. But the C-Class has aced every single crash test it has been subjected to and with stellar build quality, you have probably one of the safest cars in the world.

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The C300d is one of the best mid-size luxury/sports sedans

Verdict – The Mercedes C300d is a truly impressive car that does many things right. It looks beautiful, has sophisticated interiors, good driving comfort and an exceptional diesel engine. The traditional Mercedes qualities like build quality and refinement are not sacrificed. Sure, the backseat could’ve been better and the ride quality should’ve been a bit softer. But those criticisms are no deal breakers. In the end, the Mercedes-Benz has done a stellar job at updating the C-Class and we are quite sure that the C300d will maintain a strong ground even after the entry of new rivals.

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The tan leather interior gives the cabin a contrasting and striking look

What’s Cool

* Striking and elegant looks, unmistakably a Mercedes
* Luxurious and feature-loaded interiors along with great build quality
* Punchy performing engine and great ride and handling dynamics
* Loaded with a lot of safety technologies

What’s Not So Cool

* Rear seats could have offered more space
* Suspension should have been a little softer

Alternatives: – BMW 3-Series, Jaguar XE, Audi A4

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Do you like performance cars powered by diesel engines?

Testers’ Note:

“The Mercedes C300d AMG Line looks very attractive, much more aggressive and sporty than its regular counterpart. I really like the grey paint job of our test car, swanky 5-spoke rims and the muscular bumpers. There are plenty of features inside and you feel cocooned while driving this three-pointed star. The C 300d packs good punch under the hood and is a hoot to drive but I wish there was a little more feedback from the steering wheel.” – Aariz Rizvi, Assistant Editor, MotorBeam.
“The Mercedes C300d boasts of amazing styling and I also particularly like the cabin feel. The C-Class has excellent build quality and feels quite solid. The engine is a stonker and unleashes mind-blowing performance for a 4-cylinder diesel and never feels out of breath. The ride and handling balance is nice too, though a little more engaging feel would’ve been appreciated.” – Parth Gohil, Associate Editor, MotorBeam.

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