The MG Hector will be launched with the company’s iSmart technology which aims at improving the overall driving experience.

MG Hector Front
The MG Hector is based on the Baojun 530

The MG Hector is going to be officially revealed in flesh next month but the automaker has revealed some exterior images of the vehicles and a lot of details about the iSmart technology that the vehicle will be getting. It combines hardware and software, connectivity, various services and applications to give you a smooth and smart driving experience.

The iSmart is an Android based touch-enabled tablet which is built-in with connectivity options. The design and screen of the iSmart make it very easy to read the information displayed. The settings can be read as well as changed with the touch of a finger. It comes with an M2M embedded sim, which can be connected to 4G networks and can be upgraded to 5G which makes it ready for the future as well.

Coming to other features, the iSmart gets OTA (Over the Air) updates. The MG Hector SUV will get updates over the air which will be sent from the factory via the network. This is like a smartphone where you get a notification for every time a manufacturer software update has arrived. This will make the process simpler as there would be no need to physically update the device when a new software arrives. Moving ahead, the iSmart system uses voice activation and voice-enabled controls for its operation. With Natural Language Understanding, the iSmart can detect differences between Indian English and any change of accent that comes with the change of geographical location as well.

The iSmart not only eases your communication with the vehicle but also monitors situations and acts accordingly in case of emergencies. It has an emergency call feature which will notify the 24-hour Pulse Hub and send your location to the hub in case of an emergency airbag deployment. It also sends text messages to the registered phone numbers informing about the emergency. In case there is no response from the hub, it calls the emergency contact and offers speedy assistance in times of need. MG has also partnered with Gaana, an online music portal to offer entertainment and music on the go

Furthermore, the iSMART application helps you to be updated about the condition of the vehicle always. The application can be used to check the health of the car before going on a journey. It also allows remote control functions like temperature adjustment, sunroof, tailgate and the door locks with a click. The Find My Car feature allows you to instantly track the parking location of the car. With the Geo-Fencing technology, the car’s movement beyond the pre-set perimeter will instantly intimate the owner. The iSMART application also allows you to choose routes with real-time live traffic updates being delivered constantly.

MG Motor India also revealed some images which show the styling of the vehicle. The MG Hector looks similar to the Baojun 530. It has a lot of modern styling elements and gets catchy-looking LED lights as well. The MG Hector will be launched in May 2019 and it’ll rival the Tata Harrier and Jeep Compass.

MG Hector Images

– The Hector will come with the iSmart technology
– It will get OTA (Over the Air) updates
– The exterior of the Hector has also been revealed

MG I-Smart
The iSmart is a unit with built-in mobile connectivity
MG I-Smart Screen
Information like vehicle status, navigation, music and emergency can be accessed via the I-Smart Next Gen
MG I-Smart Scanning
The iSMART application allows vehicle health scanning and enables remote controlled functions
MG Hector Rear
The Hector will be offered in petrol, petrol-hybrid and diesel powertrain options