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The C300d gets the latest Mercedes interior and an AMG steering wheel

Interiors – The C300d is a relatively low slung car so getting in is not very easy. However once inside you are greeted by the friendly C-Class layout which even after all these years still looks contemporary. The circular AC vents look premium and the buttons feel tactile and long-lasting. It takes hardly any time to spot the changes. The glossy wood finish is gone replaced by ‘open pore’ wood which is not only scratch free but also looks more understated in our opinion. The centre screen is now a 10.25-inch unit as opposed to the 7-inch unit on the outgoing car. The infotainment isn’t the slickest but is a huge improvement over the previous COMAND systems from Mercedes-Benz. The larger screen also makes it easier to operate it when on the move.

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The large transmission tunnel robs away much needed legroom

The cabin feels luxurious and premium; quality of materials used is outstanding

The flat bottom steering wheel is similar to other AMG models and is chunky to hold. We love the placement of buttons on the steering which feels very ergonomic. The India-spec C300d misses out on the digital instrument cluster. We get the standard analog meters and honestly, we don’t find a reason to complain. The hooded binnacle in which the meters are housed looks ace and adds to the cabin’s characters. The dials are easy to read and crystal clear at all times. The tan leather on our car felt refreshingly different than the usual black or beige. The interiors look very athletic and quite charming with that colour.

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The C300d also gets a massive panoramic sunroof along with sun blinds

The quality of materials is all but faultless and everything shutting with a positive thud just reaffirms that feeling. The seats at the front are quite comfortable and come with functions like electric adjustment with memory function and bolster adjustment for both the driver and the passenger. The C300d also gets colour changeable ambient lighting which only lifts the ambiance of a very characterful cabin.

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Rear seats are adequately spacious & the cabin also gets ambient lighting

The cabin feels well built and Mercedes has used a variety of materials to give the interior an opulent look

The C300d comes loaded with the usual features. In addition to the ambient lighting, you get climate control, a nifty little clock, two-part panoramic sunroof and others. The back seats are good but the thigh support could have been much better and the headroom is limited for the taller passengers. The centre person will find the transmission tunnel to be a bit high and the rear AC vents intruding into the leg space. The rear seat passengers do get sun blinds.