The autonomous truck uses a plethora of technology including radars, cameras and sensors that will change the future of long distance truck travelling in the coming decades.

Mercedes Future Truck 2025 Concept
The Mercedes Future Truck 2025 concept uses autonomous driving systems

While autonomously driven cars of the future have been talked a lot in recent times, the technological advancement will also hit another major industry of trucks and heavy vehicles that will majorly benefit from the concept and innovations. Taking it one step further, Mercedes-Benz has showcased an all-new concept in the form of ‘Future Truck 2025’ that visualizes the next generation of technologically advanced and autonomously driven load carriers, which will make the roads much safer and more worry free for the entire trucking industry.

The Mercedes Future Truck 2025 concept uses a plethora of radar sensors that continuously scan the road ahead at long and short range as well as around the vehicle, which works in conjunction with a stereo camera located above the windshield that scans the road for lanes and traffic signs. Both the technologies work simulatoneously in providing constant feedback to the electronic system controlling the vehicle. Furthermore, the German giant has incorporated advanced Blind Spot Assist systems that warns the truck driver about other users and of any collisions with stationary objects.

Mercedes has also added three-dimensional digital maps that have been borrowed from the assistance system known as Predictive Powertrain Control already fitted on many trucks. The 3-D digital map helps the truck driver be aware of the road’s course and topography. All sensors constantly provide a complete image of the surroundings to the truck, which in turn sends the input for braking and steering. With emergency braking assistance systems already available on several vehicles, the new concept only takes technology further.

Proving its worth even further, a major highlight of the new Future Truck 2025 Concept has been its real world testing of the autonomous driving system that was tested on a section of the A14 motorway in Magdeburg, Germany, up to the speeds of 80 km/hr on a prototype model in realistic traffic like conditions. Mercedes says that the autonomous driving system not only makes the trucks more safer but also more fuel efficient as well. The company also states the new system will see the trucks communicating with the cars around them for more controlled environment on roads, hinting towards more autonomous cars with car-to-car communication in the future.

Mercedes’ parent company Daimler is one of the biggest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in the world and the new technology further signifies the role of the trucking industry in the world. The concept also manages to look smart and suave as a future load carrier, while the interiors fall nothing short on luxury and get state-of-the-art technology. When will the Future Truck Concept go into production? Well that is an answer we are waiting to uncover. Nonetheless, most of these technologies will soon make it onto our vehicles in the near future. The concept makes its world premiere at the 2014 International Commercial Vehicle show (IAA) in Hannover, Germany this week.

Mercedes Future Truck 2025 Dashboard
The interiors feature state-of-the-art equipment including a tablet controller
Mercedes Future Truck 2025
Drivers need to use the tablet controller for most of the main functions on the truck
Mercedes Future Truck 2025 Blind Spot Assist System
The advanced Blind Sport Assist System warns the drivers about other road users
Mercedes Future Truck 2025 Interiors
The concept also features luxurious interiors that will be seen on future vehicles
Mercedes Future Truck 2025 Front
Not only will the autonomous driving system make trucks safer, but also fuel efficient
Mercedes Future Truck 2025 Side
The Future Truck concept boasts of a highly advanced and aerodynamic design
Mercedes Future Truck 2025 Autonomous Driving
The cameras scan traffic signs and lanes and is installed above the windshield
Mercedes Future Truck 2025 Wallpaper
The future trucks will be able to communicate with other vehicles on road in the future
Mercedes Future Truck 2025 Live Road Testing
The concept was tested in real world conditions on a highway on speeds up to 80 km/hr