MG Hector DCT Software Issue
The carmaker has sold over 60,000 Hectors so far in India

The software issue only affects BS6 DCT variants of the MG Hector

MG Motor India has announced that it will be fixing a software issue in its Hector SUV which resulted in variations in the HC-NOx value.

During a recent conformity of production (CoP) test, the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) located at Manesar in Haryana found variations in the HC-NOx emission of the BS6 Hector DCT variant.

The matter was referred to the Road Transport Ministry and according to MG, the problem was traced to a particular software and the solution has also been found.

With formal approval from the authority concerned, the carmaker will fix the issue in approximately 14,000 units of the BS6-compliant Hector DCT.

2021 MG Hector Plus
The software fix should alleviate the problem

MG will reflash the software whenever the BS6 Hector DCT models arrive at its dealerships and says it plans to complete the procedure by December this year.

The CoP test confirms a manufacturer’s ability to produce a series of products that exactly match the specification, performance and various other requirements that have been outlined in the type approval document.

It must be noted that this problem does not affect other variants of the BS6-compliant MG Hector.