The video celebrates the idea of motorcycle racing irrespective of the type or style as long as the passion remains strong.

Michelin We Are All Racers Video
The video features the Kawasaki ZX-10R and the Honda CRF in a challenging battle

Motorcycle racing extends to different styles ranging from MotoGP, SuperMoto GP, World Superbike Championship and much more that you can follow. As different as chalk and cheese, there are some who perceive that MotoGP racers are fit only for closed circuits and can’t accomplish mud and sludge filled tracks of the Moto Cross world; while it is the same for the Moto Cross racers that are believed to find it difficult on the tarmac laden tracks. However, Michelin’s latest video “We Are All Racers” part of its new web series, begs to differ and brings the two worlds together on the track.

In the video, on one corner is FIM CEV Superbike rider and champion Kenny Noyes on the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R while the other corner has SuperMoto GP rider Sylvain Bidart from Team Luc1 Motorsports on his Honda CRF Motorcross bike. In the race that ensues, both the racers put their skills on the track in a head-to-head battle that is pure eye candy for every biking enthusiast as you see Noyes leaning into corners while Bidart goes airborne (in slow motion) for your viewing pleasure.

While the video is definitely appealing to every racing enthusiast in the world, the idea it conveys is far more noble. Much like us, Michelin too believes that every racer irrespective of the type of race he participates in, has the passion for racing motorcycles. The racers may use different bikes to achieve that adrenaline rush, but the love and passion remain the same and it is this core principle that lies in the heart of a true racer. Most certain to uplift your mood, check out the video and let us know you thoughts in the comments below.

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