Recently when Mitsubishi announced the end of the Lancer Evolution series many were disappointed and naturally so. However the company has explained its stance by saying that the current model will continue till 2013, when it will be phased out. But the Evolution brand is set to stay as Mitsubishi intends to evolve the Evo franchise from a race breed rally car to a environment friendly performance machine. The Evolution XI will feature a hybrid or electric powertrain but won’t be a road scroacher like the current generation.


Mitsubishi had showcased a Lancer Evolution MIEV Concept in 2005. Each in wheel motor produces 50 kW of power and 518 Nm torque. With a motor in each wheel, this brings maximum output up to 200 kW (270 PS). And because this drive system allows precise regulation of power at each individual wheel, it opens the door to creating a vehicle dynamics control system in its ultimate evolutionary form — one that could be dubbed Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC). The in wheel motors and the lithium-ion battery system, which is located under the floor to reduce the center of gravity, accelerate Lancer Evolution MIEV from 0 km/h to 100 km/h in less than 8 seconds and up to a maximum speed of 180 kmph.