Continuing its 125th anniversary celebrations, Mercedes-Benz India presented its power packed AMG lineup at the star drive. The drive featured some of the most exotic machines from the Mercedes-Benz stable including the C 63 AMG, the SL 63 AMG and the recently introduced off-roader, the G 55 AMG. The show stopper at the drive was indeed the SLS AMG that captured everyone’s attention. Also debuting at the drive was the E 63 AMG. The SLS AMG one of the most beautiful and highly acclaimed cars features a 6.2 litre V8 engine producing a power of 571hp@6800rpm and torque of 600Nm@4750rpm.


This unique driving experience was designed to display the prowess and the agility of the AMG range. It also gave the participants a rare opportunity to experience the AMG brand and understand why AMG’s are one of the most sought after machines in the world. Besides, the participants were also briefed on the key safety features of the cars, as also the cutting edge technology that makes the AMG’s a class apart. Each AMG engine is hand-crafted by one single engineer in line with the AMG philosophy of “one man- one engine”.


The E63 AMG which made its first appearance in India at the Star Drive, features a 6.2 litre V8 mill that produces 525hp@6800rpm along with a torque of 630Nm@5200 rpm. The E 63AMG is by far one of the most distinguished and sporty sedans available in the country. Bearing the tag-line of the ‘most iconic off-roader’, the G55 AMG with its 5.4 litre V8 engine surprises with its nippy acceleration and off-roading abilities. The SL 63 AMG, also one of the most exquisite cars in the country has always garnered fame for its raw power delivery with its aggressive V8 engine. The C63 AMG on the other hand with its naturally aspirated V8 engine delivers unrivaled performance in its class.