Neev Motorcycles Sultan 650
Look at that fat front tyre which is of the same width as the rear rubber

Ever since Royal Enfield launched the Interceptor 650, the bike has been modified extensively by motorcycle fanatics across the world and the same goes for its twin, the Continental GT 650.

The folks at Delhi-based Neev Motorcycles have also tried their hand at modifying the retro-style roadster and the resultant product, which has been named Sultan, looks rather unique.

Having set out to build a scrambler model with the Interceptor’s powertrain and a mildly altered frame (to reduce tail length), the custom bikemakers gave the Sultan a new paint scheme and powder-coated and anodised parts.

They changed the front suspension to inverted forks (rear ones are stock), and fitted an array of bespoke parts that were hand-built including the fenders, side panels, number plate assembly and the bracket to reposition the instrument gauges.

The same goes for the 2-into-1 exhaust, its protective covers, wheel covers, the detailing on the fuel tank and the short leather seat.

Furthermore, the modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 also sports a CNC cut, billet aluminium triple clamp, bash plate and machined disc brake fittings, axles and spacers.

One thing that the modifiers did not touch is the powertrain. However, due to the new exhaust, the 648cc parallel twin should make a bit more than its claimed (from the factory) 47 BHP and 52 Nm.

But the Sultan is not about power. Rather, it is about attention to detail. That is why the bike’s creators decided to move the clocks to an unusual position, since the gauges did not fit well with the theme.

It is also the reason why the bike has got really fat tyres (170/60-R17) both at the front and rear, and why it has wheel covers, despite the fact that the stock wire-spoked wheels were chucked in favour of alloy wheels.

It must be noted that Neev Motorcycles upgraded the front brake on the modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 to 4-piston caliper for added braking power. The dual channel ABS system has been retained as is.

There are aftermarket parts that have also made it onto the Sultan 650 such as the lighting units, mirrors, clip-on handlebars, grips and the muffler.

The world of modified motorcycles is singular and one cannot simply paste a price tag on custom motorbikes. But, in the case a person wants a Sultan, handing over a donor bike and writing a cheque for just over Rs. 3 lakhs to the custom bike shop should do the trick.

Neev Motorcycles Sultan 650 Instrument Cluster
As with any custom bike, there are plentiful handmade parts on the Sultan too
Modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Neev Motorcycles Sultan Side
Both fenders and side panels are new
Modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Neev Motorcycles Sultan Rear
All the lighting units have also been changed
Neev Motorcycles Sultan 650 Front
The engine has not been touched though