Mahindra XUV Aero Concept 1
The XUV900 will be underpinned by the XUV700’s platform

Only a month has passed since the Mahindra XUV900 trademark was uncovered and now, it has come to light that the carmaker will be using that moniker for its very first coupe SUV based on the upcoming XUV700.

Those with a good memory will remember that at the Auto Expo held in 2016, the automaker unveiled its XUV Aero concept. It was expected to be launched in a few years from then and would have slotted above the XUV500 on which it was based.

However, that project never really took off, until now, that is. Having put the XUV Aero project on the back-burner, Mahindra could have thought that the time is ripe for a revival of the coupe SUV model.

Just as we had predicted, the Mahindra XUV900 will be a modern iteration of the XUV Aero concept and it will be based on the XUV700.

Internally code-named W620, the XUV900 is technically still on the drawing board. Design-wise, it should look similar to the XUV700 up until the B-pillars, However, some changes to the front profile might at also be made.

From then on, there will be huge sheet metal changes to bring in the coupe roofline. The rear fenders and the tailgate will also be different in comparison with the XUV700.

Since styling is very important to the coupe SUV’s success, its design could be updated and finalised at the new Mahindra Automotive Design Europe facility.

As the Mahindra XUV900 will make use of the XUV700’s platform, it is without a doubt that the coupe SUV will also be powered by the same 2.0-litre turbo petrol and 2.2-litre diesel engines which will be seen on the 7-seat SUV.

Features offered in both cars should be similar, with the XUV900 possibly getting a bit more kit. But, in terms of practicality, the coupe SUV should be a strict 5-seater with regular doors and a large enough boot.

With the XUV Aero concept, Mahindra was aiming a circa Rs. 20 lakhs price tag and a minimum volume of 2000 units per month. The same could be true for the Mahindra XUV900 as well. Expect the model to hit showrooms by 2024.

Mahindra XUV Aero Concept 2
The pillarless door design of the concept might not make it to the XUV900
Mahindra XUV Aero Concept 8
It should cost quite a premium over the XUV700

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