Monsoons are finally here and with the thermometer cooling off a bit, its pleasant once again. As we have seen in the past, monsoon’s bring their own problems as far as a regular driving is concerned. Despite the huge number of promises from the muncipal authorities, water logging and poor road conditions are something we are pretty familiar with. As driving in the rain gets a bit tough Skoda has come out with driving tips specially for the rainy season.

Driving Tips for the Monsoon –

  • Avoid driving through water logged area
  • Always drive on the highest section of the road while passing through water
  • It is unsafe to drive through low level area as water may be sucked – up inside the engine and lead to severe mechanical damages
  • Drive at cautious speed, try to drive at lowest gear as far as possible
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the brake system after driving through water , as water might have enter inside the brake liner/pads
  • Do not turn “ON” the ignition, if water has entered inside the passenger compartment
  • Contact nearest dealership & get the car professionally examined through qualified technicians, if affected by flood water
  • Apply brake in advance, much before the actual stopping distance during driving on wet / rainy surface
  • Drive with headlights on. This will help in enhancing the visibility
  • It’s always good to put fog lights as they also help in increasing road visibility