Southeast Asia is an emerging 2 wheeler market and Indian majors like Bajaj and Tvs are leaving nothing to chance when it comes to expanding their market share globally. In a recent exhibition in Indonesia, Bajaj showcased modified versions of their hot seller Pulsar in the form of the Bajaj Pulsar 200cc Street fighter Concept and Bajaj Pulsar 135cc LS Street Fighter Concept.

The Pulsar 200 cc Street Fighter, comes with separated seat, mono shock suspension, dual disc brake, mid ship muffler, wider tires and a redesigned swing arm. Other changes include naked drive chain and sprocket, air scoops and new design alloys. The Pulsar 135 cc get additional body components like air scoops, improved tail lamp cluster, new design muffler and rear disc brake. More plastic components are seen with both these concepts. The engine remains in stock form and since we haven’t seen these concepts in India, one wonders if they are just eye candy for the Indonesian market.

Source – wheelosphere