Honda Brio 1.2 iDTEC

Just yesterday we got to hear the diesel clatter of the Honda Brio diesel and now thanks to regular MotorBeam reader Shubham Gupta, we have got more details about the compact oil-burner. Shubham spotted the Honda Brio twins in their DIESEL avatar being tested and doing rounds on the Delhi-Lucknow National Highway. The diesel Brio stopped in the service lanes on the highway and the diesel thrum could be heard as he went past. He managed to grab some close pictures of the standstill car which had no badges whatsoever and had ‘red’ UP number plates. He immediately learnt that this was the diesel version of the Brio being tested.

Shubham was quick to speak to the driver of the diesel Brio, who revealed some interesting details. The diesel-powered Brios are being rigorously tested 16-18 hours everyday and have done almost 50,000 kms spanning across India in just 3-4 months. Honda is very eager and cautious to begin its ‘Diesel Engine’ innings in India where the petrol prices and demand for Diesel cars are soaring to new heights. The Diesel Brio is likely to retain the good looking Beige-black interiors and fit-n-finish as on the petrol version. The car is powered by a 1.2-litre i-DTEC engine and is likely to return a very impressive fuel efficiency of 24-25 kmpl (overall).

According to the driver, the launch of the diesel Honda Brio is still a year away. But we hope that this is not true and Honda should bring forward the diesel variant of the Brio sometime later this year to topple its rivals. The diesel-powered Brio should be priced at a premium of Rs. 70,000/- over its comparable petrol variant. On close observation of the spy pictures, one can notice the different type of mirrors on the Brio diesel test mules, which means the vehicle under-test is the E variant.

Brio 1.2 iDTEC Diesel

Brio Diesel Spied