Ferrari F150 Private Preview

The Ferrari F150 is getting closer to its launch and according to sources the manufacturer has managed to arrange a private preview session for its potential buyers in Maranello, Italy. Few of the clients invited for the private preview managed to share some exciting information about the supercar. According to the clients, Ferrari will produce only 499 units of the F150 Enzo successor, it will only be available in three color options, the massive bespoke V12 engine is capable of producing 800 BHP at 9200 RPM with additional KERS of 150 BHP.

The Ferrari F150 will be capable of doing 0-100 km/hr in 3 seconds and 0-200 km/hr in 7 seconds. While, the maximum speed according to them will be around 370 km/hr and braking from 200-0 km/hr will be within 115 metres. The bespoke V12 engine is built to sound like a Formula One engine with maximum torque available from 1000 RPM till the red line of 9200 RPM. The under body is protected with Kevlar, the chassis is totally made of carbon fiber and the car weighs around 1280 kgs including the electric powertrain weighing 150 kgs.

Ferrari also claimed on its website recently that there will be a personalized cockpit for the driver, fixed position seats made-to-measure for the driver in the cabin, steering wheel and pedal box will be moveable, occupant’s feet are at the same level as the driving position. Features like torque vectoring, traction control and brake force distribution will be found on the equipment list of the supercar. One of the clients said that Ferrari will launch the supercar officially at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and the deliveries will start from December 2013 with a €1.2 million (Rs. 8.66 crores) price tag.

Ferrari Project F150 Front Teaser

Ferrari Project F150 Rear Teaser