The Renault Kwid was the most searched car in India from August to November 2016.

2017 Renault Kwid AMT Review
Over 1.5 lakh Kwids have been booked since its launch

According to a report by Gurugram-based marketing firm, SilverPush, the Renault Kwid was the most searched car on the Internet in India from August to November 2016. The hatchback, which clocked over 8700 sales in December, had a 16.11% search share on Google. Following the Kwid were the Tata Tiago (9.56%), Honda BR-V (4.37%) and the Audi A6 Matrix (4.15%).

While Renault has priced the Kwid at a competitive price and bolstered it with enticing features, the French company has also spent heavily on marketing it, with the car controlling 4.81% of the TV advertising in the same time frame. In that segment, the Kwid trailed the likes of the Chevrolet Beat (6.09%) and Maruti Ciaz (6.21%).

In all and unsurprisingly, when it comes to advertising, the hatchback sector was the most popular among all the different forms of media, apart from Twitter, which was led by the luxury car sector. However, while carmakers spent a lot on putting in ads on TV channels, their biggest spending came on Facebook, which has over 125 million Indian users.

Most Searched Car In India

– Ranks ahead of Tata Tiago, Honda BR-V and Audi A6
– Has one of the biggest presence on TV as well
– Hatchback segment, overall, is the most popular on digital media and TV

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