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We all love our cars, now don’t we? The only way to care for our machines is by keeping them in the best condition possible. This involves regular shampooing and polishing. Pidilite (the makers of Fevicol) has launched Motomax, which is a range of “Do It Yourself” car care products. These products are easily available and can help you to keep the shine on your beloved vehicle firmly intact. Motomax offers an entire range of car care solutions, right from upholstery cleaner to polyester putty. We try out a few of these products to see how they fare.

Driving on the highways can leave stains on your vehicle. These are difficult to remove and one has to use diesel fuel to rub them off. Diesel is not easy to store (flammable) and can also cause harmful effects on the paint if not washed off completely. Enter Motomax 2K rubbing compound. While this compound might look like Fevicol, it does the exact opposite by not letting any stain marks stick to the body. The 2K rubbing compound makes it easy to remove scratches from the vehicle too and one needs to apply a little quantity and rub in circular motion to see best results. A box of 200 g comes for Rs. 95/-

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Atleast once in a week, you should shampoo your vehicle (probably a Sunday). The Motomax shampoo helps in removing dirt and grime from the vehicle, which gets accumulated over time. The shampoo makes it easy to remove dirt and one will usually find the corner, lower body and bumpers to be full of small dirt particles. However removing grease will start take some effort.

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Simply pour in 10 ml of the shampoo in around 4-liters of water and you are good to go. A 100 ml pack costs Rs. 50, which makes it Rs. 5 per shampoo. Totally worth it if you want increase the life of your car paint.

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Every 6 months, you should polish your vehicle. The frequency of polishing depends on many factors such as usage of vehicle etc. Its also important to get the right kind of polish and there are quite a few fakes going around in the market, which can cause adverse effects. The Motomax cream polish comes with carnauba wax and helps in keeping the shine and gloss on your vehicle intact. It smoothens the car body too. Using it is simple, just apply the polish using the provided sponge and you will see the paint starts to faint away. Its only once you rub off the polish do you realize your vehicle is shinning thoroughly. The cream polish from Motormax comes for Rs. 70 and offers 60 g of paste. You definitely don’t need a bigger pack as this quantity is good for atleast two polishes (that is one full year).

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As much as we like exteriors of our cars, its the interiors where we spend most of our time. Its quite imperative to keep the interiors clean. One must use good quality mattings and also use double matting in the monsoons. Its also a good idea to invest in complete interior vacuuming once in 6 months. However you need to take precautions to prevent fading or discoloring of your dashboard. The Motomax protectant spray keeps interiors parts away from the harmful effects of UV rays. The spray can be applied to the dashboard, window trim and door panels, resulting in a clean and new looking interior. A 100 ml bottle comes for Rs. 75.

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Post the use of Motomax products on our Swift, we found the vehicle looking significantly cleaner all around. Even in the rains, the car shines thoroughly with water draining off the immediately from the surface. While the car is washed everyday with normal water, frequent shampooing does make it easy to remove dirt from the vehicle. These products are not expensive and are priced quite reasonably. They are available at most places and are very easy to use. However don’t expect them to work like magic as nothing beats regular maintenance and cleaning. Thus automobile lovers should consider investing in good car care products to maintain their beauties for a longer time.