Duke vs CBR vs Pulsar vs R15 vs Ninja

And we are back after a long break with the most exciting thing of the month. This time we have something special for you. All of you were asking for specific numbers on exactly how many units of every model is being sold in the market. Now, after putting our hands in various pockets and treasure boxes thanks to some generous people, we have the numbers with us! How many units does India’s number one sport bike sell? How many people actually buy the decade old Hero Splendor? We have it all right here. Grab some popcorn, it’s going to be very interesting!

June 2014 Bike Sales India

As you can see, Hero MotoCorp is still leading the pack and by a huge margin. Bajaj Auto is doing really well too. Selling more Pulsars than Discovers, we don’t know why critics in the financial world are going all over the place. Rs. 100 crore less profit is not hurting them, it’s the scooter market which Bajaj denies to come in is hurting them a lot. The Activa is doing as good as the Splendor. Why does Honda then keep trying hard to beat the Splendor? Get another Activa and you are the winner already! Greed perhaps does not let you do that.

Yamaha has always been doing decent numbers. The volume strategy seems well executed. 18,000 units of a single platform! We in Mumbai can hear the cash registers ringing hard, while they ring in Delhi. The FZ is doing around 12,000 units a month is what we heard since a very long time and it’s true. TVS is doing impressively with its scooter range and the numbers show the same story too. The XL Super is the one bringing them sales and others include the Star City+ along with other commuters which have received a good response for the Hosur based company.

Overall a fruitful month for everybody. More detailed analysis will continue as we get more numbers and details from both ends of the auto world. There are some manufacturers missing here which needless to say will be included in the future. As of now, crave your hunger by looking at the exact units sold, something which you always asked us for.