Mumbai based executive Bajaj offers customised paintjobs on a few of their products such as the Pulsar RS 200, Bajaj V15, Discover and Avenger series.

Bajaj Avenger Custom Paint Job
The customised paint jobs are offered by a Mumbai-based dealer

Bajaj Mumbai dealer now offers some products in fresh customised paintjobs, the native brand launched two new shades for the Avenger series and a new bold red colour for its newly introduced V15. However, a Mumbai based brand dealer, Bajaj Executive has published images of this aftermarket customised paintjobs offered at the dealer level.

Though Executive Bajaj offers this aftermarket paint jobs only for few of their models such as the Pulsar RS200,
V15, Discover and the Avenger series, the price for these paintjobs is not yet revealed by the dealer. It is considered that they charge a premium of Rs. 5000-12,000/- depending upon the model selected.

The Executive Bajaj offers some vibrant as well as bold colours to this models which will definitely turn heads around and give the products a very fresh and attractive look. Starting with the Avenger series, the Cruise 220 comes in shades of maroon, yellow and white. The Street twins are offered in matte military green, matte blue, maroon and white, the RS200 and V15 are available in shades of white, red and matte black respectively. The Discover is offered in yellow and white.

Mumbai Bajaj Dealer Offers Customised Paintjobs

– Bajaj dealer offers customised paintjobs only on a few of its models
– Pulsar RS200, V15, Avenger series and the Discover are the only bikes to get the new aftermarket shades
– The price of these customisations is yet to be revealed

Bajaj Avenger Custom Paint
A premium of Rs. 5000-12,000/- is charged depending on the model
Bajaj Discover Custom Paintjob
The Pulsar RS200, Avenger series, Discover and V15 are offered with these colours
Bajaj RS200 Custom Paint Job
These paint jobs increase the exclusivity factor of the bikes
Bajaj V15 Custom Paint Job
T?he V15 looks striking in this Matte Black paint job